Thursday, July 13, 2006


The chief of staff for Gov. Matt Blunt is a finalist for a vice president's job at Missouri State University. Fired Up Missouri had a brief post on Wednesday; Steve Koehler of the News-Leader has this fleshed-out account:
Ken McClure, chief of staff to Gov. Matt Blunt and former City Utilities executive, is a finalist for an administrative position at Missouri State University.

President Mike Nietzel confirmed that McClure is one of four remaining candidates for associate vice president for administration. Nietzel said a decision on who gets the job will be made within 10 days.

The university is searching for a replacement for Fred Marty, who retired from the post in March.

McClure was not available for comment or to ask if he applied for the job, why he applied or if he was asked to apply.

Jessica Robinson, speaking for McClure, said McClure "was not looking to leave (Blunt’s administration). It is not about leaving. there’s no guarantee he’ll get the job."

The Missouri Blue Book lists Marty’s salary at $98,838. McClure’s salary is listed at $112,356.

McClure joined the Blunt staff in 2004 after leading the governor’s transition staff.

He is former chairman of the Missouri Public Service Commission, a past deputy director in the Department of Economic Development and former staff member for the Senate Appropriations Committee.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant...Just what MSU needs...someone who told a gathering of Repubs that the press is "the enemy."

Anonymous said...

McClure financially raped the city when he was employed at CU, and as he walked out the door with several wheelbarrows full of unearned pension cash.

Then he and his series of bad toupees move on to mismanage state government on behalf of the newly crowned boy-King Matthew.

And now he wants to come back home and take up perfectly good office space at MSU?

Save us, someone.

Anonymous said...

MSU would be making a huge mistake with this one. The university doesn't need to be placing such a partisan figure in such a high ranking position. McClure is seen by democrats as being a hack and a hatchet and nothing more. Much of CU's political troubles are directly related to his partisan activities at the utility.

Surely the university can find somenone less partisan to fill this slot.

Anonymous said...


Do you have a citation or link to "the enemy" quote? That would be a big help. thanks!

--A. Cline