Saturday, July 01, 2006


The Japanese prime minister, Junichiro Koizumi, was honored at a White House dinner this week. The guest list, printed by the Washington Post, included these unusual suspects:
J.D. Crouch II, deputy national security adviser, and Kristin Crouch

Shoji Tabuchi, country music entertainer, and Christina Tabuchi
Crouch is a former Missouri State University professor, now deputy national security adviser. Kristin is his wife.

Tabuchi -- he of the famous bowl haircut and glittering Branson bathrooms -- was there with his daughter, Christina. No word whether Shoji played any Elvis for Koizumi.

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Anonymous said...

Did everybody dance around like the Darlings?

Were they playing the spoons?

Were they out "yonder" drinkin" their Shine from fruit jars and jugs marked with the XXX?

Did everybody go without shoes and wear their bib overalls?

Did Bush make Shoji "squeel" like a pig?

Now that would have been an "Ozarks" feel to the affair.