Saturday, September 16, 2006


And we come full circle. Our recent post on Jenny Fillmer's departure from Ye Olde News-Leader -- 96 comments and counting -- now has meat to the bones.

From Saturday's News-Leader report on the hiring of Fillmer (pardon us, Jenny Fillmer Edwards) as information officer for Greene County:
Presiding Commissioner Dave Coonrod said Edwards will "be the funnel through which information about the county is disseminated to the public."

"We're probably way behind the curve on this," Coonrod said, noting that most other government entities — including city hall and public schools — already have public information officers. ...

"My goal is to help Greene County residents understand the role county government plays in their lives," [Edwards] said. "I have experience anticipating what kind of questions the public wants answered and taking complicated and nuanced information and presenting it in a way the average person can understand."
In other words, she knows how to be a reporter. She'll do fine for the county.

As for the paper: Word has it that a new political reporter starts in early October, just in time to get thrown into the frenzied peak (and pique) of the general election campaigns. We wish her luck.


Anonymous said...

I pitty anyone who would have to deal with Jim 'the Humorless One' Talent. First question I would ask is "Why do you have staunch support among the fundementalist Christians when you look like Harry Potter?"

The Libertarian Guy said...

Some "choice"... thankfully, there are more than Talent and McCaskill on the ballot.

Speaking of the latter - I got a phone call tonight from a nice lady asking me to consider Claire. I hated to cut her off two sentences into her script, but I told her "no thanks, I'm a Libertarian and I'll be supporting my candidate".

After the obligatory stunned silence, she thanked me and hung up. What fun!

And, yes, I was nice to her, although I could've said "why are Claire and Talent not inviting both third-party challengers to the KYTV debate?"...