Thursday, September 14, 2006


Next week the opponents of stem-cell research come to Springfield to make a frenzied noise.

Alan Keyes and Rick Scarborough are scheduled to speak at the Central Assembly of God church on Sept. 21. But first they made a swing through the Kansas City area, rattling the rafters in a (largely empty) church in Raytown.

Kit Wagar of KC Buzz Blog provides the color:
The event was part religious revival, part science lecture, part prayer meeting and part call to political action against the "devilish science" of early stem cell research. Whatever your position on stem cells, you had to acknowledge that these speakers were good.

All speakers agreed that taking stem cells from fertilized human eggs or by cloning cells in the lab kills a microscopic human being. Keyes compared the research to slavery. To White Europeans, he said, slavery was justified because black Africans "were not like us." The same justification fits stem cell research, Keyes said, because the people in the Petri dish "are not like us."

"Slavery was all about greed," Keyes said. "Racism was just the tool to getting the money."

He warned that the targets of unethical research today might be in a Petri dish. But know one knows if tomorrow “some demagogue will make your blond hair, your brown eyes or your black skin the basis for some kind of abuse,” Keyes said.

Scarborough stalked the stage like a panther, urging church members to go to the polls to block the initiative and stop the killing of microscopic human people. He said Christians are citizens of heaven, but citizens of the nation as well.

"Don't buy the lie that we can't preach about this," Scarborough told the ministers in attendance. The left, he said, has politicized every moral issue, "even politicizing the killing of babies."

The stem cell initiative will pass, he said, only if "the church sleeps this one out." He bemoaned the tendency for 75 percent of church members to skip voting.

“This is a hill worth dying on,” he said.
But is it worth lying about? Scarborough said Amendment 2 forces voters to "decide whether it is legal to create a human being for the purpose of destroying it." That's not what Amendment 2 proposes. Scarborough probably knows this, but his circus act would suffer if he told the truth.


Anonymous said...

"Scarborough said Amendment 2 forces voters to 'decide whether it is legal to create a human being for the purpose of destroying it.1 That's not what Amendment 2 proposes."

But doesn't that depend on what you think the blastocyst actually is? Just by reading definition 1 it seems you could paraphrase this as unimplanted embryo.

So, are they telling a lie OR viewing the issue through different perceptual filters?

I'm likely to vote for the Amendmant, BUT I have interviewed a doctor who beleives this amendment is simply a way to re-define cloning.

John Stone said...

That doctor is exactly right. It is not even close to huiman cloning. The biggest loudmouth in town about stem cell research is VD(J) who makes an ass of himself every time he opens his mouth on the subject.

If Talent loses the greatest single reason will be his opposition to the issue. Even the people who live in the 7th Dist have injury and disease that *may* be treated at some time with this technique. To oppose it is about the same as opposing childhood vaccination or antibiotics.

Then again maybe gawd just has a hatred of 8 year old girls with diabetes, or Cris Reeves.

It is fundamentalist hogwash at it's absolute cruelist.

Cowboy Yoda said...

Wonder this I always have:

If life begins at conception, why celebrate Christmas?

Anonymous said...

No, John, you're dead wrong. Amendment 2 won't do in Talent. It will in all probability take McCaskill down.
Your dreaded Christian voting block will be fired up the Sunday before the election to go vote NO and against anyone that supports it.
As to "cowboy yoda" and his brilliant question. We celebrate Christmas for the birth of Christ, not his conception. You might try a larger hat size so it doesn't cut the flow of blood off to your CPU.

Cowboy Yoda said...

Perhaps READ and THINK about my question you should before answer it you do.
Try again let me:

If life begins at CONCEPTION, is not His CONCEPTION the moment to celebrate big?
Is THE CONCEPTION not the moment the Word became flesh?
What is the importance of the BIRTH?


Why is Christmas a big deal, and the Annunciation practically ignored?
Is not CONCEPTION the moment the Savior arrived and His life began?

If believe all that you do, March 25th holds the greatest, if not ONLY importance.

DocLarry said...

Cowboy Yoda is wise. Glad to see he still fights the dark side.

Cowboy Yoda said...

Fight on, I do.
But weary the superstitious sheep make me.
Sad it is, their eagerness to accept and perpetuate ANYTHING the self-proclaimed righteous tell them.
The tragic mistake of so many this is.
9-11 hijackers, Shia/Sunni feuders, gay marriage opponents...

Stop and think for themselves they must try to.
A gift to the world that would be.

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry cowboy yoda, but that's got to be one of the stupidest most misinformed statements I've ever read. But I guess that's why chatter exists.

Christians do celebrate the conception of Christ. It is called the Feast of the Annunciation.

John Stone said...

"Christians do celebrate the conception of Christ. It is called the Feast of the Annunciation"

I know all about that. I had to buy dinner first too. Did gawd have to take her to a chick-flick or dancing too? From the photos I have seen of her in Roman Churches, she wern't no two-bagger.

BTW, when is the last time you went to this little fete-a-fey in a fundamentalist church?

Anonymous said...

These "Dogooders" are so plentiful and preach the many things that we do are such social and religious wrongs, then why don't they take up the issue of divorce? If they are so "moral" and so Christian, lets just make divorce illegal. Lets stick with the old "until death do us part" thing. Also, there is a child molestation case going on here in SW Missouri involving, of all things, a baptist cult preacher and some of his followers. Where are these "dogooders" and devout christians? Why are they not protesting this dastardly deed of one of their own. If they think they are the "moral majority" of which I think they are neither, they should be out there trying to influence the conviction of these unholy folks. Just depends upon what the issue is doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

This issue certainly has experienced an immaculate reception among Chatterheads.

Anonymous said...

The greatest thing about our nation is we get to have free speach and free thinking. We do not have to be followers we need to be leaders and have independent thought. This idea that the current adminastration has is that you are with us, or unpatriotic, is BS. I am a proud republican and vote that way most of the time. We dont need sheep we need leaders. I am voting yes on the stem cell. If my child, my family, or my friends have an opportunity to be cured from a awful illness, I want them to have the cure. People that buy into this cult behavior (Scarborough & Keyes) need to wake up and see the light. Think for yourselves. Do you think the good lord doesn't want us to use our god given talents to find cures? All of you that talk about how great a christian you are need to, put down the bottle in the closet, look in the mirror at your holyier than thou self and think about it!

Cowboy Yoda said...

Said it all, you did.
Well done.

Now excuse me.
I have to go put up my Annunciation tree, and buy my Annunciation presents.
There's an early Annunciation sale at Sears.

Cowboy Yoda said...

As for Anonymous 11:39

"Stupid" and "misinformed" you believed my statement was?


READ my statement did you?
No way in hell you did.

Point out the existence of the Annunciation I did!
Even give the date of the Feast of the Annunciation I did!

Judge my statement YOU did, while READ my statement you did NOT!
Much shame you must now have.
Much shame.

Answer a single question I posed earlier can you?

See now we will...

MrsThurstonHowell said...

anon 11:36 well said (ditto Cowboy).

Sometime last April the exectutive director of CASA? the Child Advocacy Council? (Help me there...) wrote a piece in the News Leader to encourage the public to support children in SW MO the way we have supported Katrina victims. She cited alarming statistics regarding child abuse-that the frequency of child abuse in SW MO was five times greater than the rest of the state!

Not ONE published letter or blog entry have I read since that time expressing outrage at this abberation. On the other hand, I have read hoards of written statements from the self righteous blasting freedom to choose, birth control and even gay marriage and gay foster parenting, all in the name of child advocacy. What a piece of work those hypocrits are. Now the Pentacostals are going to listen to that lunatic Alan Keyes carry on about killing microscopic babies. Blah!

417pundit said...

So Christians have a feast for speaking clearly? Who knew?

Cowboy Yoda said...

Funny THAT is!
Laughing much I am!

John Stone said...

Score a point for the Punt-it ... finally.

Anonymous said...

That's "enunciation", Pundit.

God, for someone whose claim to fame consists of blabbering about spelling errors... and it wasn't even that clever of a pun.


417pundit said...

Good to hear from you, Andy.

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