Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Roger Holyfield was 17. Walking in Jerseyville, Ill., Holyfield was confronted by police on Saturday. The teen was yelling: "I want Jesus." He was carrying a Bible.

Cops shot him with a Taser. Now he's dead. The Associated Press reports:
In a statement obtained Tuesday by The Associated Press, police in Jerseyville, about 40 miles north of St. Louis, said 17-year-old Roger Holyfield would not acknowledge officers who approached him and he continued yelling, "I want Jesus."

Police tried to calm the teen, but Holyfield became combative, according to the statement. Officers fired the stun gun at him after he ignored their warnings, then fired again when he continued struggling, police said.

Holyfield was flown to St. Louis' Cardinal Glennon Hospital after the confrontation Saturday; he died there Sunday, police said.

An autopsy was planned for Tuesday.

The statement expressed sympathy to Holyfield's family but said city and police officials would not discuss the matter further.

Calls Tuesday to Jerseyville Police Chief Brad Blackorby were not immediately returned. The department has been using stun guns for about five months, according to the statement.
What was the kid doing wrong in the first place?


Anonymous said...

"What was the kid doing wrong in the first place?"

I dunno, but I'm waiting for the harpies to say that this is part of a liberal war on Christianity.

Anonymous said...

I'm guess they either thought he was a mental case or else they thought he was high on something.

Remember when the police used to talk to people? I guess that's too inefficient, takes too much time. Its quicker and easier to use something to "subdue" them. Unfortunately, it appears the stun gun is not as harmless as it was sold to be.

I think it all comes down to "the business model".

Anonymous said...

He's lucky the cops weren't Muslim.

Anonymous said...

Finally, we're learning how to deal with these durn Christianists ... they out to be shot on sight! The only good Christian is a dead one. Watch yo' back, Dee Wampluh!

The Libertarian Guy said...

You're not serious... right?

Anonymous said...

"He's lucky the cops weren't Muslim."

How so? Would he be more dead now?