Friday, December 29, 2006


Some hopes, wishes, fears and dreams for the new year:

•Kit Bond retires from the U.S. Senate.

•Matt Blunt decides against a second term as Missouri governor.

•Springfield Police Chief Lynn Rowe retires.

•The College Station project (the "Car Park and urban entertainment complex") is delayed.

•The Moxie keeps proving that "art" films have a place in Springfield.

•Downtown Springfield loses at least one significant retail outlet, but gains several others, including one national chain store.

•Branson seeks more convention business. So does Springfield. Hardball competition ensues. Some will reconsider the wisdom of the Springfield-Branson designation at the airport.

•Questions are raised about the source of defense funding for the Jordan Valley Innovation Center.

•The News-Leader starts publishing a Christian County edition, but also contemplates newsroom layoffs.

•Local talk-radio changes a host.

•A Springfield radio station finally figures it out and launches a jazz format.

•Talk radio for women? It'll happen in 2007 in Springfield.

•We haven't heard the last from Jerry Jacob.

Your turn.


Anonymous said...

All-jazz format on radio in Springfield?? I can't see it. Neither in the dreaded jazz form, nor the real stuff. An all-jazz station in St. Louis (I think it was call RED or some such color) went kaput in 2006. If it can't work there, it won't work here. It's be nice, though.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that was supposed to read: "dreaded SMOOTH jazz form."

Anonymous said...

2007- in this year local bloggers continue to meet at the pub and grow larger.

thom said...

We've been sustaining an all Classical format for years and have always had alot of success with it, even though large swaths of the KSMU membership don't like it.
I've been pushing for afternoon and/or evening jazz on KSMU for years and with the coming of digital radio it is increasingly likely that we'll see a significant increase in jazz radio for the Ozarks in the coming years.
I hope.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see all-jazz afternoons or evenings come to KSMU. One multi-hour block of classical music is enough for the day.

thom said...

Until then, at least we have Fridays. Seriously though, it never hurts to give Arlen Diamond (Director of Broadcast Services) or Tammy Wiley (GM) a courtesy call or email and let them know how you feel. They are surprisingly interested in how the listeners feel, but if nobody ever says anything they won't necessarily ever see the need to change.

Anonymous said...

amen brother thom.

The Lorax said...

We'll have more tornadoes, more snow... increasing darkness after sunset... and increasing light after dawn.

And the weather won't ever be the same as it was yesterday, Global Warning or not. (I want to believe).

Larry Burkum said...

One of our ex-presidents will die.

State Dems will concede the 2008 election in July 2007.

One local institution of higher learning will have a financial scandal.

The News-Leader will continue its vendetta against Mediacom.

The Bears will not receive a bid to March Madness.

Bears fans will complain loudly and often in the News-Leader pages about the horrible parking conditions due to the new arena construction.

Lady Bears attendance will dwindle to almost nothing while "fans" complain about the zone defense, lack of access to players, and parking.

New Orleans will not be rebuilt.

Hundreds more U.S. troops will die in Iraq, which will continue its civil war with or without U.S. involvement.

George Bush will use his veto power with great frequency.

No significant work will be done on the Heers building.

Several pit bull attacks will occur despite the new ordinance.

At least one more downtown music venue will close.

Certain anonymous posters will complain about the content of Chatter.

Anonymous said...

An anonymous poster will say they like (most of) the content on Chatter and some of the comments here give me hope that there is indeed intelligent life in the Ozarks.

John Stone said...

Anything's OK just so long as KSMU keeps Whadda' Ya' Know and Car Talk...

More jazz (real) would be way kewl ...

My prediction: KWTO will go to Air America

Anonymous said...

North Town Mall will remain a dead zone.

KSPR will resume 6pm news... with Tony Beason and Tom Dye.

Steve Grant will be hospitalized and take a 60-day medical leave from KY3.

The renovated Ozark Camera building will open fully leased.

The Commercial St. revival will fizzle.

Battlefield will be hit by a tornado.

Anonymous said...

UMKC chancellor Guy Bailey will be a finalist to replace Elson Floyd

Anonymous said...

Someone in Springfield will discover that there IS intelligent life outside the city limits.

Art Morris, Luddite
proudly living in the "beauty & serenity of the Ozarks"
Aurora, MO

Anonymous said...

Kit Bond retiring? You would stand a better chance waking up and looking normal.

Anonymous said...

Senator Bond retiring?

If that one comes true then rumor has it that Matt Blunt will appoint himself to the open seat. At least that's how it goes according to Wonkette

Anonymous said...

The FCC refuses to give KY3 an unprecedented three stations in one market.

Matt Blunt announces he will run for re-election.

A city council member resigns under duress.

The new 21-bar rule results in two or three downtown closures. Commerce leaders square off against city again.

Missouri State misses NCAA bid again. Loses in NIT quarterfinals again.

Brad Pitt makes most public visit to Springfield in a decade; does interview with TV station but not newspaper.

Wonders of Wildlife closes abruptly.

John Q. Hammons' health becomes a public issue.

As the team fails to compete for a playoff spot once again, the Springfield Cardinals attendance is lowest in 3-year history.

While Jerry Jacob remains stateside, former SPD PIO Matt Brown returns a war hero.

Anonymous said...

How about...Kit Bond goes to MU...Old Man Blunt resigns from the House...Shorty appoints him to the Senate seat and then appoints himself to the vacant House seat?

Anonymous said...

Local Bush supporters join Bush supporters nationwide in a collective case of the vapors as the truth comes out about illegal activities in the White House as a result of investigations by the 110th Congress. (fingers crossed on this one)

Anonymous said...

I doubt an all-jazz station would ever come to Springfield. There's simply no money to keep it afloat. It costs a LOT of money to start it up, and to hire a staff that's worth a sh*t to keep it going, and playing the RIGHT music.

Radio stations in Springfield aren't necessarily interested in putting on a hip, cool format as much as they are interested in turning a profit. Bass Country 92.9 would have been a PERFECT place to drop in an all-jazz format. But MWF Broadcasting decided to do another country music format. Why? Because it makes more money than a Jazz format would.

Radio's just another business, and money makes those big business wheels keep a-turnin'.

Anonymous said...

I wish Rachel Aram would suck me in 2007. That girl was hot.

Anonymous said...

Some jazz in the afternoon would be great, but REAL jazz, please--not the "smooth jazz" that you can hear by turning on the Weather Channel. This topic makes me miss Marian McPartland's "Piano Jazz" once again. It was a tragedy when KSMU took that off the air.

It would also be nice if the Springfield area had a magazine that wasn't steeped in pretension like "417 Magazine." Some of would like to know what's going on in the area but have no reason to shop at overpriced boutiques, eat at holier-than-thou restaurants, and get our pictures taken at fund-raisers!

Anonymous said...

December 21, 2007.

Springfield, Missouri.

At 8 P.M. Missouri time, I stepped into my backyard to find a huge, bright halo encircling the moon.
Amazing, as it appears to be created by nothing more than a thin layer of low lying clouds, UNTIL you see such clouds flowing rapidly past, beneath it, as if nothing can actually touch, move or disrupt this ring of light. Then it truly takes on the scale and grandeur of a heavenly SIGN, or signal! SURREAL.

The last time I saw a halo this large, as well as starkly well defined, was some time back around 1981 or '82, in Rolla, Missouri.
Weatherman Tom Dye predicted little or no percipitation for the next few days. I immediately wrote and sent him a letter, explaining my contrary opinion, predicting a lot of rain. About 24 to 36 hours later, rain began to down-pour, soon causing a deluge. It was one of those "100 year" types FLOODS!

Although I did not see the broadcast, my Dad later informed me that his cousin heard Mr. Dye read that letter on air. Also, I received a kind letter of reply, including "halo" information, and thank you from Tom. (Thank YOU, Mr. Dye!)

With the weather broadcasts now saying that we are or might - depending upon which station one listens to - get some rain and snow, starting tomorrow night, but NOT A LOT, I wish to, once again, disagree and predict one heck of a storm!

I just pray that, if I...or the heavens.. are correct, that there shall be no freezing rain or ice.
Because, if this "sign" holds true, above and beyond human prediction, we are in for another STORM OF THE CENTURY!

After all, with the climate changes occuring dramatically, now, all over the world, would it really be any great suprise?

Let us see if the signs of nature OR the techKnoWlogy of man is more accurate. I will be waiting...and wishing everyone NOT a SO white Christmas!

Kent Hedley

p.s. This was preceded by one of the most beautiful, most colorful sunsets, today, just fyi.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that with all the Branson attractions, there will be many more business conventions coming your way.