Sunday, December 31, 2006


In 2007, we resolve to:

•Be a better friend to those we love.

•Reconnect with those we have wronged, and ask for their forgiveness.

•Stop smoking cigarettes, because lung cancer is a crappy way to check out.

•Make the changes we need to make to kill old, corrosive ways of life.

•Lose a few pounds. Five, no more.

•Gain the upper hand in the Great Game of Mortality. First step: Learn MIT's secret.

•Attend at least one bloggers meeting a month.

•Post every day.

•Kill the wabbit.

•Learn to play "Surf Wax America" on guitar.

•Not be so stupid sometimes.

•Create, invent, innovate.

Hope is in our heart, sugarbear. We have that, at least. Happy New Year.


Anonymous said...

So, you've thrown down the gauntlet. Check out the E-mail. Mit scores.
Happy New Year

Mit said...

Sorry. The annonymous dweeb who sent the comment above is actually me, Mit.

Anonymous said...

Good Advice for us all. elisa

dr.filbert said...

In 2K7 I resolve to type:

Rachel Aram sux!

at least 3 times per day on some blog somewhere.

To keep my resolution:

Rachel Aram sux!

Rachel Aram sux!

Anonymous said...

"Post every day."

I see one of your resolutions has already bit the dust. So much for "resolve".

Anonymous said...

I didn't even know Weezer was still together. I'm so un-hip.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has met Mr. Chatter knows why the goal: "Lose a few pounds. Five, no more" means he needs to add a final goal of: "Enter treatment program for Anorexia ASAP"

Anonymous said...

I 2nd Anon 12:39: Post everyday. Broken already. Could be busy righting those he has wronged.

Anonymous said...

He'll be busy for years at that, Anon 5:48.

Anonymous said...