Wednesday, January 03, 2007


For sale: One used, discarded penile pump. Suggested price: $300,000.

Richard Bradbury, a Florida man, found the pump in the trash. He put it on eBay. The asking price seemed high, but then again, the pump came from the trash of a former U.S. ambassador.

According to a report in the St. Petersburg Times:
Former Ambassador Mel Sembler is dropping parts of a lawsuit against a man who rooted through his trash.

In exchange, an attorney for Richard Bradbury acknowledged that his client did, in fact, search through the garbage of the former U.S. ambassador to Australia and Italy, retrieve a penile pump and try to sell it on eBay. ...

The dispute dates back two decades, starting when a 17-year-old Bradbury stayed in Straight Inc., a controversial Pinellas Park drug rehab center the Semblers founded. Bradbury and numerous other critics charge that the now-defunct Straight used excessive force and other abuses against its clients.

Bradbury organized anti-Straight activists for years and spoke out against the group long after its closing. For about a decade, he also sifted through the trash outside Sembler's Treasure Island home. About three years ago he found a discarded penile pump that had belonged to Sembler and put it up for sale on eBay for $300,000.

The Semblers filed a lawsuit that called Bradbury's actions "so dark and fringe as to outrage common sensibilities" and "an invasion into the sanctity of our home and our bedroom." They said Bradbury's actions constituted an invasion of Sembler's privacy and "intentional infliction of emotional distress."

At a hearing Thursday, attorney Leonard Englander said Sembler was willing to drop those portions of the lawsuit. In exchange, McGowan acknowledged in court that Bradbury went through the Semblers' trash and tried to sell the pump.
But is rooting through the trash equivalent to stalking? That's the question now before a judge. We are sure it's a bad idea to get rid of a penile pump by taking it curbside.


John Stone said...

Believe it or not .. your trash is considered "abandoned property" and is free game to any dumpster diver.

Of course, If I were Ambassador to Italy, I would be looking for a Mina rather than shopping at Priscilla's.

Anonymous said...

If you're gonna stoop to this in order to keep your resolution to post every day, forget it. Concentrate on #2 on your list instead. You've got your work cut out for you on that number!

Anonymous said...

did the crabby korn krack?