Wednesday, January 31, 2007


The talk station, an FM-AM simulcast, shot to fourth place in the overall radio ratings for Fall 2006, according to Arbitron. These numbers -- from Radio & Records -- are for all listeners, 12+, between 6 am. and midnight, Monday-Sunday. Your mileage may vary.


•KTTS remains No. 1, with a 13.6 share.

•KGBX stays at No. 2, and gains audience (7.4 to 8.2).

•KSPW dips (7.2 to 6.7), but it's good enough for third place.

•KSGF went from 4.1 to 6.0 (and from a 1.9 in Fall '05).

Journal Broadcasting owns KSPW, KTTS and KSGF; the group is the big winner for this book.


MoJoe said...

This book seems to legitimize alternative/active rock formats, which is good to see. Journal's worst performer, KZRQ, pulled a 4.2. Midwest's best performer, KQRA, pulled a 5.7. Q slipped .3 points, Z gained .6 points. Both stations gained about 3 points since this time last year. These two stations have been slugging it out, and it's been better for the listener.

KWTO-FM could gain massive points if they'd cancel their stupid niche shows (exercise and rehab for an hour with Janet Layne? Ugh... more football!) and broadcast FOXSports more.

John Stone said...

This morning VD(j) said it was a 12 ... OK ... just double your numbers .. that's close enough for him.

John Stone said...

How did KWTO-AM do???

HAR... Har ....Har ...

And then, why would Meyers care?

Anonymous said...

KTTS? Boring. They play the same sets over and over and over again. No real news. The only thing they do that's worth listening to is the traffic reports.

Desdinova said...

Arbitron Raitings are like the temperature and gradeing scale in the big picture it doesn't matter in my life.