Tuesday, January 30, 2007


The man became an author at 50. The Associated Press reports:
Sheldon died Tuesday afternoon of complications from pneumonia at Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, said Warren Cowan, his publicist of more than 25 years. His wife, Alexandra, and his daughter, author Mary Sheldon, were by his side.

Sheldon's books, with titles such as "Rage of Angels," "The Other Side of Midnight," "Master of the Game" and "If Tomorrow Comes," provided his greatest fame. They were cleverly plotted with a high degree of suspense and sensuality and a device to keep the reader turning pages.
Sheldon dictated his novels, FYI.


Anonymous said...

He was an overrated hack who was very full of himself. No loss to the world of letters.

RON DAVIS said...

But he also brought us "I Dream of Jeanie," so he wasn't all bad. Busplunge, BTW, gets the point.

Anonymous said...

I love "I Dream of Jeanie"!

But I'm still amazed the guy "dictated" his novels. I've tried that. My speaking voice is never as good as my writing voice. I wish it was. It would be WAY easier.

Anonymous said...

The trick, anon 4:57, is to have someone listening to your dictation.

Hello? Is this thing on?