Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Fat as your forearm, as our friend Hippy Tim might say. Housecleaning time at the CHATTER office complex includes dusting the CHATTERWORTHY blogroll, to your right. Among the adds:

Branson Blue Hair, an especially delicious site about the city to our south known as B-Town.

The 2 Dollar Bill from Sniderman, who this moment features Harry Potter's nipples on his site. Do not let this deter you; it's a punchy read.

901 South National, known to locals as the address for Ye Olde Missouri State University.

Know of a blog that ought to be on the roll? Leave us a link, shoot us an e-mail, all that.


Duane Keys said...

901 South is a little stale don't you think?

Anonymous said...

I was thinking exactly the same thing, Duane.

Darin said...

How about the OG of Branson?
Branson Missouri?

(MJ Post Good)

The Strannix Yellow Elephant Post ....nice

Anonymous said...

Is Stim Magazine no longer Chatterworthy?

Are you still writing for the mag, Ron?

Desdinova said...

My blog is only a week old. I'm educating the younger people in Springfield about what I call "naughty Springfield." I'm lauching a campaign to bring back the Studio. I feel it is time Springburg had a family friendly porn theater.