Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Never saw The Police in concert. We may have the chance soon. The BBC reports that The Police are reuniting to open the Grammy Awards on Feb. 11. Other reports hint at a tour by the once-daring trio:
It's possible that the renewed Police on tour would be the highest-grossing road show of all time, surpassing The Rolling Stones and even Paul McCartney's recent top-selling tours.

The big questions now are: Who will open for The Police, and will it be one group or many divided among different regions? Names being bandied about are The Fray, Evanescence and even Virgin's The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. But don't be surprised if Fiction Plane, the hot group piloted by Sting's son Joe Sumner, gets a slot or two as well.
Perhaps Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers can put a stop, however temporary, to Sting's descent into Easy-Listening Hell.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps Oysethead?
or that guy from that jam band