Monday, January 08, 2007


It's a little principality -- OK, it's basically an oil rig -- off the coast of Suffolk, England. Its prince would like to sell the joint. Reuters reports:
Built in World War Two as an anti-aircraft base against German bombers, the derelict platform was taken over 40 years ago by retired army major Paddy Roy Bates who went to live there with his family.

He declared the platform, perched seven miles off the east coast of England just outside Britain's territorial waters, to be the principality of Sealand.

The self-styled Prince Roy adopted a flag, chose a national anthem and minted silver and gold coins as its currency. ...

Prince Michael, whose 85-year-old father now lives in Spain, said his family had been approached by estate agents with clients "who wanted a bit more than a bit of real estate, they wanted autonomy."

Asked what were the delights of living on Sealand, the 54-year-old prince said "The neighbours are very quiet. There is a good sea view."

"There is no jurisdiction by any other country in the world," he said, suggesting it could be a base for online gambling or offshore banking.
Last year a blaze damaged Sealand's platform. 'Tis a fire sale, indeed.


Anonymous said...

My Realtor says the whole thing could be bought for a few sea notes.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The Rough Tower Sealand ist since 17th January 2009 a U.N registered sovereign state territory of the Monarchystate - State Kingdom of Marduk - this is reality. The bristish government and Government of Essex / Suffolk is informed.
The 15 n.m. sea zone araound Rough Tower Sealand is state territory of Kingdom of Marduk as Pirate Bay proclaim.
More information in next time under or