Sunday, January 28, 2007


Vice President Dick Cheney gave an interview to Richard Wolffe of Newsweek. The veep continues to display a disturbing distance from reality, saying President Bush has "shored up his position" on Iraq with two recent speeches; Cheney went so far as to say the State of the Union address was "one of [Bush's] best" speeches.

But it's Cheney's hubris that bolsters his rep as a dark force in American politics. From a transcript of the interview:
Q: Bob Woodward reported that President Ford thought you had justified the war wrongly, and that he agreed with Colin Powell that you developed a fever, I think was the word, about Saddam Hussein, about terrorism. Did you feel that was accurate? Did it surprise you?

THE VICE PRESIDENT: I've never heard that from anybody but Bob Woodward.

Q: And other comments that -- criticism from Scowcroft about not knowing you anymore -- people have got quite personal, people you worked with before. You wouldn't be human if it didn't have some reaction.

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Well, I'm Vice President and they're not.
Q: Vice president of the United States, or schoolyard bully?

A: Both.


Desdinova said...

Around the holidays I was watching A Christmas Carol and it struck me how much Alastair Sim, who played Scrooge, looks like Vice President Dick.

Anonymous said...

Careful what you say about the Dick. Man's got a shotgun. To him, you might look like just another lawyer, er, bird. And then, assuming you weren't dead, you'd have to apologize to him for all the embarrassment you'd caused by being shot by a Dick.

Anonymous said...

I thought George C. Scott played Scrooge. Or was it Patrick Stewart? Mr. Magoo? Kelsey Grammer? Noel Leslie? Albert Finney?

Desdinova said...

You forgot Michael Caine,Hoyt Axton and Fonzie. Everyone and his brother has played Scrooge, but this one is from the 50s.

And yes, I know I have to watch what I say about people.

Anonymous said...

It was his talk about how the Iraq war had been some sort of "glowing success." Of course, it certainly has been a glowing success for Halliburton, which explains a lot.