Friday, January 26, 2007


Glenn Harold Vickers, didn't your mother ever tell you it isn't polite to point? Especially true when it's your middle finger, and you're pointing it at a cop, and then you lose control of your station wagon and crash it into a guard rail. The Charleston Daily News reports:
(Kanawha County Sheriff Mike) Rutherford said Vickers took the exit and as he did, he extended his middle finger toward the sheriff.

Vickers then crashed the right side of his station wagon along the exit's guardrail, Rutherford said.

"He was looking directly at me, giving me the finger and just ran into the guardrail," Rutherford said. "There's no question in my mind he was not paying attention." ...

Rutherford said he's not sure why Vickers made the obscene gesture. The sheriff said he had never met Vickers before.

"When he was stopped and I introduced myself, you could tell he was surprised," Rutherford said. "It was like all the air was taken out of him."
Vickers, 53, is free on bond.

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