Monday, February 26, 2007


Matt Bartle, a state senator from Lee's Summit, makes us ashamed to live in the same state. Bartle is a Republican, so you could reasonably assume he's in favor of the free market and small business and against government coming in and Bigfooting all over the place.

You could assume that, but only by overlooking Bartle's obsession with sex. He's sponsoring Senate Bill 300, a shut-the-sex-shops piece of legislation that would, among other things, limit the hours that sexually explicit stores can operate.

As The Maneater reports:
“It does not help the image of the state of Missouri when you see billboards lining the roads or tin sheds with “Triple X” painted on them,” Bartle’s Chief of Staff Todd Scott said. “We would like to invite tourists here. We have made a lot of efforts to promote Missouri as a family-friendly state. These signs and businesses just give a rather seedy look to the state.”

“Twelve hours a day is enough for a business,” Scott said. “It’s not an infringement on their rights if you give them five or six days with over 40 hours a week to be open.”
SB 300 would forbid strip clubs from serving alcohol. No one under 21 could work at any sexually oriented business.

Bartle is also pushing to banish billboards for sexually oriented businesses. In Bartle's perfect world, "family friendly" means no sex. Someone get this guy a biology book, stat.


MrsThurstonHowell said...

What is really obscene are the glut of billboards down 65 with the bloated faces of entertainment has-beens that have blighted the Ozarks hills for decades.

Desdinova said...

It always leads to no good!

Anonymous said...

What's really obscene is Matt "My Way Is The Right Way" Bartle and his disgusting crusade to inflict his religious beliefs on the rest of us. Thankfully, even the GOP leadership in Jefferson City recognizes he's a loonytoon.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you're going to have to worry about tourists after a while. They come here to see the trees you all have been cutting down as you (a) convert farm and forest to urban sprawl and (b) "establish dominion". Once they're gone, all that will be left around here that they can't find closer to home is an amusement park (Silver Dollar City).

Do you realize that you're starting to get to the point where you don't have many more trees than Kansas? The biggest difference is that Kansas' trees are smaller.

Granny Geek said...

Worst of all are the billboards and signs with paintings of fetuses on them. So gross.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful display of tolerance by Ron for differing views.