Tuesday, February 13, 2007


An appropriate question to ask in the wake of Anna Nicole Smith's death, especially now that TMZ is reporting that Smith's fridge was devoid of food and instead filled with French's Worcestershire Sauce, mustard, yogurt, spray butter, methadone and Slim-Fast.

Mmm. Spray butter and methadone.

Smith, as you know, was spokeswoman for TrimSpa, another weight-loss product. Her apparent preference for Slim-Fast doesn't sit well with TrimSpa CEO Alex Goen, who said on Court TV that if Smith drank Slim-Fast, "it would definitely be a violation ... it would definitely be one of those things we would question. We would not want her taking any other weight loss products." Heroin dealers are probably upset by Smith's preference for methadone over their powders, but they at least have the class to stay quiet about it.

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Anonymous said...

The crazy homicidal stalker astronaut must be THRILLED at the death of Anna Nicole since it's effectivly diverted public attention.