Monday, March 19, 2007


The White House is ditching Alberto Gonzalez, according to But quietly, because only last week President Bush's people were saying they hoped Gonzalez would stay, though Bushologists know a vote of confidence from The Man is the kiss of death; ask Michael "Brownie" Brown or Donald "Fantastic Job" Rumsfeld.

Our bet to replace him: Michael Chertoff, secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. His distinction? Bill Clinton ousted every U.S. Attorney when he took office -- save for Chertoff. He's got coin with Democrats in Congress and Bush can't afford any confirmation fight. Only Gonzalez stands in the way of making it happen.


Anonymous said...

Chertoff blew whatever "coin" he may have had with Democrats by his own sorry performance in the post-Katrina mess. He doesn't stand a chance.

John Stone said...

Gonzales accomplished the near impossible -- he made St. John the Magnificent Asscroft look good.

Have you heard the scooby-doo that the Baby Blunt may have been responsible for the firing of the Arkansas US Atty, who was in the midst of the fee office investigation, which was dropped by the buddy of Karl Rove?

John Stone said...

The kiss of death was delivered this morning by Der Bunnypants hisself when he urged Alfonso to fight and stay and "he had complete confidence" in him.

He'll be gone by Friday at 4 PM.