Thursday, April 26, 2007


James R. Richards was director of the Feline Health Center of the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. He knew his cats. He even lived with one.

He died early, at age 58. The money quote from The New York Times explain everything:
Dr. Richards died of injuries he sustained in a motorcycle accident on Sunday. According to Sgt. Kelly Daley of the New York State Police, he was thrown from his motorcycle after he tried without success to avoid hitting a cat that had run into the road.
We love cats, but we know the ugly truth: If they could operate motorcycles, they'd run us down like dogs.


Anonymous said...

Mistake #1, getting on a motorcycle.

BTW, you were right about Brian Lewis.

MoJoe said...

Take that back, Ron. Toonces showed us that cats can be responsible drivers.

Anonymous said...

Proof that a reckless attitude toward pussy can kill you.

Anonymous said...

he was a great man and died tragically. You will be missed Jimbob