Thursday, May 17, 2007


James Dobson, the leader of Focus on the Family, figuratively tried to kill Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani on Thursday. Dobson said:
Is Rudy Giuliani presidential timber? I think not. Can we really trust a chief executive who waffles and feigns support for policies that run contrary to his alleged beliefs? Of greater concern is how he would function in office. Will we learn after it is too late just what the former mayor really thinks? What we know about him already is troubling enough.
And then Dobson delivered the kicker:
"If given a Hobson's – Dobson's? – choice between him and Sens. Hillary Clinton or Barrack Obama, I will either cast my ballot for an also-ran – or if worse comes to worst – not vote in a presidential election for the first time in my adult life. My conscience and my moral convictions will allow me to do nothing else."
PBS dumps a right-wing guest after viewer complaints. Melanie Morgan appeared May 8 on the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer. Linda Winslow, executive producer of the show, said Morgan is now persona non grata:
"We can’t do much to eliminate rude guests from your television screen once the segment has begun," said Winslow. "What we can do is guarantee you will never see that person on our program again."
•The Justice Department wanted to fire more than 25 U.S. attorneys, not just the eight that got canned late last year. This, according to the Washington Post. At least one local blogger bemoans the lack of local media coverage and wonders why this blog hasn't tackled the scandal because of its Missouri angles. More to come, and soon.

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