Saturday, June 30, 2007


Figuratively and literally, in that order. Geoffrey MacMurdo and Anthony Giordano were roommates in New York in 2005. MacMurdo was injured in a car crash. Giordano told cops that he was MacMurdo's brother, and took possession of the injured man's wallet.

When he was done, MacMurdo was $22,000 in the hole. Now, Giordano faces judgment. The Associated Press reports:

Authorities said Giordano, 47, was already lying to his roommate at the time of the crash, telling MacMurdo he was a Sept. 11 victim and New York firefighter.

When MacMurdo was involved in the crash in June 2005 that eventually cost him his leg, Giordano claimed his belongings from officers, police said.

Giordano made more than $22,000 in charges on his roommate's credit cards and on new cards he took out in MacMurdo's name, police said. He used the cards at a strip club and to buy a 15-year-old Jeep, police said.
Jeep and a strip club. Stay classy, man.

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A quick scan of Ebay Motors tells me you can get a 15-year-old jeep for about $