Monday, June 04, 2007


We haven't been far from a computer screen, but other stuff involving burp clothes and onesies has kept us away from Blogistan. Sorry for the pause. Hope it refreshed.

Regular posting will resume soon. Just checking in right now to let you know, courtesy of the Borneo News:
A crocodile believed to have attacked Sannga Megong, a worker at an oil palm plantation in Sungai Sebeba last month, was caught and killed by villagers here on Sunday. Human bones, hair and parts of a skull were found in the belly of the seven-metre long beast, which was caught in Sungai Similajau, about 100 metres from the location of the May 11 attack.

A Sarawak Forestry Corporation spokesman, however, said it could not be confirm whether the crocodile was the one which attacked Sannga, 31. "We will send the bones and hair for analysis to determine whether the crocodile is the one which killed Sannga."

The two-tonne beast was caught after it swallowed bait set by locals. The SFC spokesman said two other giant crocodiles had been spotted along the river.
Nothing like a 23-foot-long crocodile to put the food chain in the proper perspective.


oddjob60 said...

The "bait" declined to comment for this article.

Anonymous said...

You had a baby? I didn't even know you were pregnant!