Thursday, August 02, 2007


Ratings for local radio stations are due out in about two weeks. Our last report on the Arbitron numbers showed a decline for CHR, an increase for talk.

Make your predictions now:

•Will KTTS remain King of Local Radio?

•Will Alice rebound from its decline from last fall?

•Will active rock keep making a comeback?

Place your virtual bets now.


Anonymous said...

My humble prediction- stagnation.
KTTS will still be the 12+ leader. I don't see any huge gains or losses.
However, I DO think overall listenership will be down again.
Art Morris

MoJoe said...

~ KZRQ and KQRA will both gain, but Z will gain ground on Q.

~ KSGF will continue to gain; Alice and KWTO will recover.

~ All country stations will suffer losses.

~ One station will suffer a drop so bad that it will go to a deejay-less format.

~ Ron Davis will be helpless to resist the call of radio and start a radio station that plays Miles Davis and recordings of Hunter S. Thompson reading his work.

~ Matt Lemmon will realize he's way too sexy for radio and will start GO-TV.

~ Desdinova will take off his mask just to prove he is really not Billy Long.

~ Staying just as current as his blog, Vincent David Jericho will talk about how KSGF killed in the Spring '06 ratings.

Busplunge said...

There were 20 radio stations listed on the list.
Clear Channel owns 5
Journal owns 4
Meyer Communications owns 4
Mid-West Family Broadcast owns 4
Vision owns 2
Harrison owns 1
Does this mean anything?

Anonymous said...

I guess XM and Sirius don't figure into these ratings, right? I never thought I'd see the day that I'd abandon local radio stations for satellite channels, but since an XM radio came standard in my car, I've almost never listened to local stations. I feel guilty in a way. But that's the way it is. And I'll bet that I'm not alone.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that you still will be able to go from home to work and back and hear at least two Bob Seiger songs. FREEBIRD!

Anonymous said...

Radio .... yeah. Used to listen to that a bit. Still love NPR though.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes. NPR, the people's republic broadcasting co.

Anonymous said...

Aw is the little talk radio junkie jealous? So sad to be a second class citizen with no journalistic credentials, but we all know that the big bad public brodcasting company really is in the pocket of Democrats don't we?

Yeah, and MSM is too.

Paranoid freaks.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of what you've been told about NPR, its news programs are listened to and respected by more than a pant load of conservatives. I've even heard a recorded pitch for support of the local NPR station from Matt Blunt on a recent pledge drive, and his father's name has been associated with support of the station in the past as well. Talk radio, no matter how much its hosts try to tell you is news, is only OPINION from hosts and callers about news events. Unlike talk radio and Fox News hosts, you will never hear NPR reporters or anchors call their conservative counterparts, competing news organizations, Senators or public school teachers traitors and scum. Nor will you hear them as pitchmen for a memory foam mattress.
NPR's news is just that. Reports of things that happen.

Anonymous said...

And by the way, before anyone starts crying foul because of the taxes we pay to support NPR, I believe that would be around 22 cents a year that annon 122 pm has paid into the program. His 22 cents is then shared among the nations stations qualified by the Coorporation for Public Broadcasting to do so.

Anonymous said...

Poor little guys just have a case of the red ass because all of their ideas are proving bankrupt-like their candidates.

MoJoe said...

Crap. I forgot a prediction:

~ Anonymous idiots will bash NPR.

Anonymous said...

OK, before my predictions, my view of bias in NPR comes from the stories that they actually cover versus the content of the actual shows. If an NPR/PBS show is extremely slanted like a recent Bill Moyers' show, the ombudsman will call them on it.

However, there is a bias in the stories selected for airing when they're not major breaking issues. That's where bias comes in. Because the decisions are made by humans you'll always have times where if they have to choose between two stories that make opposite sides of debate look good you'll choose the one that supports your personal view.

Now, on to the predictions. :)

KTTS still King of the Hill.

KSGF will continue to excel because the other two talk radio stations have very poor products to bring to the table. KSGF, regardless of what you think of it's political slant, has a more professional presentation than the others. KWTO is infomercial mania and tired shows that are fading. KADI is barely a consideration and until they put on a local show focused on political and news issues can't be considered a serious alternative. Therefore, KSGF will still do very well and KWTO will fade a bit because their demographic is aging and dying with no bottom end to replace them. (All that in spite of Jericho who I really think hurts a little more than helps.)

Active rock's comeback was a fluke. Expect a dip this time around and the gain will be to the CHR stations and a bump to KGBX. Alice should have a bit of a rebound although they won't get back to their previous highs.

Bass Country...with their outstanding billboard campaign...should show a gain from people checking them out. Considering the product, it won't last more than one more book. Look for more turnover at Midwest Family Broadcasting like you see after every book.

Anonymous said...

Geez, 'cept for that cancer survivor, this sure is a pissy little site today.

Anonymous said...

A company will buy US 97, Alice and the Wolf, but KGBX will be bought by James River Assembly.

Q 102 will start broadcasting from Buffalo Wild Wings.

Bass Country will cause a firestorm with a Billboard featuring Faith Hill that reads "Climb This Hill."

The Good Humor Company will sue KSGF AM/FM and VDJ for causing a drop in sales in the Springfield metro area. Good Humor Man says "People in Springfield are affraid to put a Popcicle in their mouth thanks to Jericho."

KWTO-FM will change to a female talk station. Jock listeners will be upset and say "WHAT'S A FEMALE? IS THAT ANYTHING LIKE A CHICK?"

MoJoe said...

Anon 9:18: The Jock go female?! NOOOOOOooooo! I need my Jim Rome fix!
It's not like any station in JopMo would pick up The Jungle, and I'm not going to ruin my rep over here "bangin' my monkey."

Anonymous said...

Here are a couple of TV predictions:

Michelle Sherwood will be transferred from KY to KSPR.

Joe and Christine Daues will be the new KSPR anchors.

I could go on but it wouldn't be polite. This is, after all, Ron's blog.

Anonymous said...

I too have heard the KSPR rumors ... I can understand a 5:30 show ... but 4:30 as well?

Anonymous said...

There are 4:30 shows in bigger markets. I think it's a good idea, especially for old folks like me.

Anonymous said...

Please no Joe Daues and wife---they think they are some kind of stars.

Lets keep the new lady at KSPR and Steve Grant---all the others need to go so we can start a new!

And yes why can you flip all three channels and same exact news---who is really calling the shots on what is News? The News-Leader Editors?

Anonymous said...

ANON 9:36 --

Apparently you haven't been reading the News-(Cheer)Leader lately. The editors there (both of them) aren't calling the news shots locally. The newspaper has been a day or two late on many, many local stories that already have been reported by radio and TV news. And on several significant stories, the newspaper hasn't covered them at all. Sad, very sad.

Anonymous said...

I like Michelle. I met her once at a baseball game. Are you sure she's getting transferred?

Anonymous said...

There's anarchy at KY3 right now. Out of the blue promotions . . . people leaving . . . things are tense. A friend tells me morale is bad . . . Stay tuned . . .

Anonymous said...

Who's getting promoted? Who's leavng?