Monday, October 08, 2007


Jesus, where did the time go? We sit down to type, it's Thursday. We look up again and the weekend is over. Time to clean out the e-box and pass along some of the shells in our pocket:

•A shocked reader (self-proclaimed shock, and we have no reason to doubt it) points us to this News-Leader story with the instant classic hed:
Noon event to discuss lesbian oral history
Not as good as
Licking girls take titles
but pretty close.

•The New York Post says writer and permanent grouch Christopher Hitchens last week had a "full male Brazilian bikini wax," described as
the back, the crack and the sack.
Not being blessed with a hairy back -- damn the bad luck -- we conjure an image of a drunk Hitchens taking a deep pull from a fag while experiencing the bliss that is a smooth scrotum.

•Gawker clues us in on the worst parents ever, the improbably named Muffie Potter Aston and her husband, Sherrell Aston. The power couple have named their twins Bracie and Ashleigh. Nothing against Ashleigh (or Ashley, or Ashli -- or even Ashlii) -- but Bracie? No one will fault the child if she decides a Menendez moment is in order.

Life is strange right now. We never doubted it would be this way.


MrsThurstonHowell said...

I always like Eddie Murphy's "twins" Monique and Unique.

Busplunge said...

And then there were the Pigg girls:
Ima and Ura.

Of course, who can forget my dad's brother who always told the truth: Frank; and his un-married sister: Ug;

Anonymous said...

yucking fankees! i was hopin' to see the red sux stomp a mud hole in their asses!

Anonymous said...

I still have a yellowed copy of the all-time classic headline from the late, and occasionally great, Leader & Press:

"Purdy girls take on Licking tonight."

Anonymous said...

"Menendez moment."

You're so old. :)

Gary said...

Does anyone remember my fave N-L headline of all time?

"Licking Teen Refuses to Let AIDS Stand in His Way"