Monday, November 05, 2007


Before you knock Spam noshables, consider the badness that must be a snack made of White Castle bombers. Then consider that there's a contest to pick a winner of said snack.

The Associated Press reports:
Leslye Louis of New Melle, Mo., named her creation "The Latkes You Crave," after White Castle's slogan "What you crave." She made the Jewish pancakes with the usual ingredients, including grated potatoes and eggs, and also incorporated 10 chopped-up White Castle "slyders" — minus the pickles.

As part of her prize, Louis will receive a case of 30 of the burgers each week for a year.
As Producer Dori moaned: That's four a day. With two left over for midnight snacks. Happy Hanukkah, and pass the latkes.


Anonymous said...

They should've thrown in a free angioplasty.

Rai said...

Four belly-bombers isn't even a blip on the White Castle radar! These things are properly ordered by the dozen. Kinda like how I now take my cholesterol pills.

Anonymous said...

My tout: The "Sammies" at Quiznos.