Monday, November 05, 2007


Willard Romney, better known as Mitt, looks and sounds like the perfect presidential candidate -- great jaw, comforting voice, attractive spouse, loving kids.

Too perfect. That's the rub and the death knell for Romney. He has no rough edges. No one can identify with that.

Harper's has the definitive piece on why Romney's campaign is ultimately doomed. It's all in the Romney 2008 internal PowerPoint plan:
The problems holding him back were all identified in the campaign’s PowerPoint presentation: the Massachusetts background, the image of slickness, the fears about his religion, and, above all, mistrust of his ideological transformation. Romney and his handlers portray him as having undergone a political conversion, but they can’t point to any convincing catalyst. ...

The “electorate is not where it needs to be for us to succeed,” his campaign PowerPoint had concluded; hence, the strategy has been to move Romney where he needs to be to succeed.
And we thought Bill Clinton was slick.


Busplunge said...

The worst is, our boy Blunt is a Romney wannabe

Anonymous said...

The real rub on Romney is not so much that he has no rough edges. It's more a case of the bankrupt political ideology that lies within.

So very similar to the little boy who's running the executive branch of our state. Little wonder that Baby Blunt is such a sheep-like Romney follower.

Anonymous said...

Have you heard that Roy B. has been auto-calling constituents with a junk call that positions him as the savior of children's healthcare? Even though folks are on the no-call list, they can still get up to three such "Hi, it's me, Congressman Roy Blunt" calls per household.

This is the same corporate tool who used junk mail to such "success" in the last round. Trouble is, most people's junk mail filters sliced out the message, others complained that they were getting unsolicited messages claiming to be from the Congressman.

When will the folks down there in SWMO run someone against this douche bag? He's obviously a puppet of big business (look at his wife) and he's filthy with dirty GOP monies (Abramhoff, etc.) I'd think something with a pulse could win against this guy, but I guess the in-breds down there don't know any differently.

Bette Noire

Busplunge said...

Both my son and I got a phone call from Roy Blunt wanting to know if I thought it was fair that people who make more than $62,000 a year should be receiving health benefits that were designed for poor children. He also wanted to know if I agreed with Representative Blunt that he should continue to fight for the poor children instead of those people who make more than $62,000 a year.
His recorded message kept referring to people who make more than $62,000 a year and people getting benefits designed for poor children.
Every question was designed to lead to one answer: Blunt is right, those who disagree with him are wrong. Ala Bush.

MrsThurstonHowell said...

I trust Romney about as far as I can throw a fat Christian. Not because he's a Mormon, but because he's a politician/game show host pimping faith as a solution.

Anonymous said...

Wow... liberals daring to crack wise about either Clinton! I'm amazed.

Be prepared for a surprise IRS audit, Chatterguy.

Anonymous said...

busplunge, you're missing the point... people making 62K a year don't need handouts from the taxpayers.