Monday, November 26, 2007


Police in Straubling, Bavaria, say a man shaved a swastika and a Waffen-SS insignia into his dog's fur. He's 29 (the man, not the dog) -- too young to remember, too old to be pulling this kind of noise.

Reuters reports:
Police made the discovery when the suspect's ex-girlfriend requested police help to collect her belongings from his apartment because she was afraid of him.

It was not clear if the man, who has not commented on the markings, had shown the dog in public, a police spokesman said.

"That still needs to be proved," he said. "If he only kept the dog inside the apartment, it wouldn't be public."
Grotesque, yes. But not public, and thus not a crime in Germany. Show off a Nazi symbol there, you can go to prison for three years. Keep it hidden and you're simply a sick twist.

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