Monday, December 03, 2007


The kind with round bullets:

•Back in those goofy '80s, Joan Van Ark was a cougar. Now she's something altogether different. Check out Van Ark's current look.

•We wish happy birthday to the woman who created CHATTER. Jo Ann Davis turned 80 on Dec. 3 -- sharing a birthday, we note, with Andy Williams (also 80) and Ozzy Osbourne, who turned 59. Now we know that Mom rocks.

•And happy 19th anniversary to actor Gary Busey, who smacked his skull in a motorcycle accident on Dec. 4, 1988.


Anonymous said...

What? No link to a pic of Busey? Did you ever see that Carny movie he was in with Jodie Foster? Creeeepy.

Anonymous said...

She looks sick. I wonder if she's got cancer?