Thursday, February 14, 2008


Adopted by the DVD Forum in 2003 to compete against the Blu-ray Disc. With Microsoft behind it, HD DVD seemed a cinch.

But that's all dust. According to the Hollywood Reporter:
Toshiba is widely expected to pull the plug on its HD DVD format sometime in the coming weeks, reliable industry sources say, after a rash of retail defections that followed Warner Home Video's announcement in early January that it would support only the rival Blu-ray Disc format after May. ...

Immediately after the Warner announcement, the HD DVD North American Promotional Group canceled its Consumer Electronics Show presentation. The following week, data collected by the NPD Group revealed Blu-ray took in 93% of all hardware sales for that week.

Toshiba subsequently fired back, drastically cutting its HD DVD player prices by as much as half, effective Jan. 15. But a hoped-for consumer sales surge never materialized; retail point-of-sale data collected by the NPD Group for the week ending Jan. 26 still showed Blu-ray Disc players ahead by a wide margin, 65% to 28%.
Best Buy and Netflix announced this week that they would go exclusively with Blu-ray. The format war is over.


Anonymous said...

It's time Sony wins a format war.

The CDM said...

Try pricing an HD DVD player, they're half what they used to be and Blue Ray players haven't budged that much, hmmm.

The CDM said...

DAMN, news sure does travel fast!

Anonymous said...


Blu-ray sounds so much cooler than "aitch-dee-dee-vee-dee"