Monday, February 11, 2008


The ice storm of 2007 left many Ozarkers with deep anxiety -- what happens if the power goes out? where to stay? what to do?

This week, another round of ice slid into southwest Missouri. Not as bad as last year's edition, but still enough to shut down schools -- and to plunge thousands of people into the dark.

The calls to work today came from people who sounded more worried than usual. They all brought up the 2007 ice storm and wondered aloud: Will this one be as bad? Those who called with power failures were tense and angry.

We think they're suffering from Post Ice Storm Stress Disorder. The acronym certainly fits.


Anonymous said...

Tornadoes and lightning in the dead of winter...a pattern of yearly destructive ice storms...welcome to global climate change. Now the question is not IF it will happen again, but rather WHEN.

I'm not optomistic.

Jason said...

It was certainly an interesting day.

By the way Ron, your team did a heck of a good job today.

Anonymous said...

CU's response (at least their telephone system) being no better than a year ago didn't do anything to make people feel better.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the last sentiment. When a neighbor lost power at her rental last night, we called CU, only to get an automated system with no opportunity to speak to a human.

Unfortunately, the system asks the caller to give the phone number listed at the address. Uh, guess what? This person only has a cell phone ... as with many people these days!

Finally pushing the button for a 'gas leak', my neighbor was rudely told to keep calling the original number.

I guess CU took nothing from last year's storm to heart.

Anonymous said...

City Utilities IS a gas leak.

Unknown said...

"This person only has a cell phone ... as with many people these days!"

Well ... MY cell phone is associated with my address on my account.

The caller ID info sent by the phone system is associated with my address.

Something that CU has been updating in the last several months.

So, you're basically complaining to be complaining.

Anonymous said...

Eric! It's a freaking rental!!! This person DOES NOT HAVE UTILITIES IN HER NAME!!!

It's a house divided into apartments; utilities are included. NO ONE THERE has utilities in their own name!!! The owner of the rental doesn't have his phone number attached to the rental, of course, because HE HAS HIS OWN HOME!

This person is now my house guest, coming up on 24 hours. While "fine," it would be best if she could at least THINK her power might come back on. It would be best if CU could answer the freaking phone.

So glad everything is working out for you though. Thanks for your support and understanding in this yet again difficult time.

(I'll restrain myself from ending this the way I would to your face.)

Hi Red! Nice visitors to the site!

Anonymous said...

I know you're stressed, but please stop shouting. You're hurting my eyes.

Anonymous said...

Waaaah, waaaaah, waaaaah, all of you. Suck it up and get through it. It's hardly a party for lots of us. DEAL WITH IT.

Anonymous said...

Actually, with the power out and being stuck at home, we're just enjoying "keeping warm" for the last few days. It's been very nice. Very, very nice.

Four times, so far. Not bad for an ol' girl like me.

Bette Noire

Anonymous said...

Mrs Howell. Are you kidding me? How long have you lived here?

This was not our first, second or third ice storm. We've had tornadoes in January with snow on the ground. We've had accumulating snows in April and May.

This isn't climate change. It's just the freakin' weather.

God Almighty. You liberals have to find stuff to bitch about.

Anonymous said...

anon 12:32-All my life and we're talking decades...

You need to tell me when in the past SW MO had tornadoes in January. And while you're at it, tell me when there has been lightening & thunder in the sky in January.

Hell we used to have tons of snow every winter. We used to have below zero temperatures for days on end.

Freakin' weather you say? That is precisely what this is.

Liberal you say? People like you are proof that evolution can go in reverse.

Climate change and El Nino. Get used to it. Me bitching? Like I could really do something about it as long as there are mindless people like you in this world?


Anonymous said...

Number one, Lovey, if I'm mindless then you're screwed.

Want proof, here ya go, honey.

December 14, 1971 Greene County reported two F2 tornadoes.

On February 24, 1956 Greene County reported an F1 tornado.

December 24, 1982 Greene County reported an F2 tornado.

What causes lighting and thunder in January or February? It's easy to understand, especially for a mindless conservative such as myself. When you have warm moist air overriding colder air at the surface, you create instability and therefore lift which creates the thunderice or thundersnow.

If you'll open your mind past the BS that Al Gore passes through is anal hole, you'll have a better grasp of things, LOVEY!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow. None of those are 'tornadoes in January.'

And after you spent all that time looking it up.

Bummer, huh?


Anonymous said...

I find it telling that you are griping about power being out, yet have access to a working internet connection...

Be thankful someone can count on you in a time of need (I'm sure they are as thrilled to bunk with you as you are to have them).

Be thankful that should you have an unfortunate power outage in your area - for whatever reason: global warming, rabid squirrels, terrorists - I'd bet someone would be willing to take in your bitchy a** and give you a meal and a place to sleep.

Karma is everywhere...