Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Another teacher allegedly having sex with a student, this time in Benton County, Ark. The Benton County Daily Record reports:
Melissa G. Monroe, 32 of Bella Vista, was arrested Tuesday for sexual assault in the second degree and knowingly furnishing alcohol to a minor.

Bentonville police began investigating after receiving information that Monroe had been involved in a sexual relationship with a male student, a police news release states.
Monroe teaches math at Bentonville High School. Here's her school profile. You make the call.


Anonymous said...

I know this person. I know her two little sons and her husband. I can't imagine the pain that he (her husband) is in at this point trying to figure out life with his two (very young) boys and himself. I would've never, never in a million years thought she'd do anything so very, very stupid. My heart is truly with her two boys.

Anonymous said...

Where were all the hot, stupid, sex-crazed teachers when I was in high school? I only remember one teacher in junior high that was really do-able, and she was already banging the (married) principal. C'est la vie ...