Thursday, March 13, 2008


The Rev. Jeremiah Wright led the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago for decades, and during that time he befriended plenty of the flock, including Barack and Michelle Obama.

He married the Obamas and baptized their two daughters. Obama used Wright's turn of the phrase "the audacity of hope" and turned it into a book title.

Wright is now radioactive. ABC News reports:
In a campaign appearance earlier this month, Sen. Obama said, "I don't think my church is actually particularly controversial." He said Rev. Wright "is like an old uncle who says things I don't always agree with," telling a Jewish group that everyone has someone like that in their family. ...

"The government gives them the drugs, builds bigger prisons, passes a three-strike law and then wants us to sing 'God Bless America.' No, no, no, God damn America, that's in the Bible for killing innocent people," [Wright] said in a 2003 sermon. "God damn America for treating our citizens as less than human. God damn America for as long as she acts like she is God and she is supreme."
Dayum. Sen. John McCain was skewered for his embrace of John Hagee. Is this political parity?


Anonymous said...

I don't believe McCain is behind this. John Hagee didn't say God damn America. This quote-enquote minister should be ashamed of himself and the IRS should revoke that tax exempt status of that so-called Church.

And isn't it strange, Obama must have a butt-load of "uncles" in his family. The first one was Dick Cheney and now Jeremiah Wrong joins that "crazy Uncle" fraternity.

Ms. Ferraro was right. If you don't think Obama is where he is in this race with Hillary because he's black, just look where John Edwards is today. HOME!

Anonymous said...

Wow. But nevermind that.

Did you see Don Wyatt now has 'blog'???? He's posted twice. First, on the 'new' News-Leader Website ... that is infinitely less readable than the current. The print is tiny; the page includes a 'scroll' for news; Wyatt's own blog's print changes typestyle throughout. ???

His second blog is in regard to Messenger. Wyatt reprints an email he sent (because writing more than one mail/column/blog a week would be too taxing, especially for a non-writer). Wyatt's email seems defensive in tone as he regales us with tales of how great Tony is, you know, 'solid reporter' and all. He then invites everyone to Tony's going away party at Ophelia's. Will the News-Leader be picking up the tab? Will Don??? Do you think Tony will give a speech telling everyone how great it's been to work for Wyatt???

Holy crap.

Anonymous said...

If you really think about what the Rev. Wright says, you can understand why he says it. McCain's wife steals to do drugs and she's up for First Lady while our prisons are disproportionately filled with black men. Some found innocent and escaped death.
McCain's association with the John Hagee is infinitely more dangerous; of course he won't forward the nutball's agenda, he just wants the votes from his nutball followers. They says a lot about the man which is disingenuous as best.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe McCain has been a member of Hagee's congregation for 20+ years as Obama has been in Rev. Wright's flock.

And if prisons are full of blacks, gee, I dunno, maybe there's a damned reason...maybe blacks are committing more crimes or just plain bad luck and they're getting caught more than whites.

And if you can understand Rev Wright's comments, you are just as hate-filled and unpatriotic as he is.

I say God damn Obama. Chew on that, lefty.

Anonymous said...

i think "rev." wright is full of shit and does not deserve to be leading a flock of followers. i also think that this would not have even been brought up against obama if he hadn't once referred to wright as his "mentor". look it up, folks. now he's backtracking and saying he doesn't agree with everything the man says. his supporters are making excuses. i heard one woman say something about how she knows people who've gone to a church for 20 years and don't agree with the pastor, etc, etc. i understand that point because i know people like that too, but again obama called the man his MENTOR. that to me is obama saying that wright has had a huge influence on his life and beliefs. you don't call someone your mentor if you don't agree with their philosophies. let's face it, he brought this one on himself.

Anonymous said...

what about the pat roberts/jerry falwells/james dobsons that have been "damning America" for years (hurricane katrina was caused by what again??)? righties love their Jesus when he gets them votes. get a life people or we'll take a look at your mentors through the years.

Anonymous said...

Steppenwolf said, "God Damn the Pusher man."

Anonymous said...

Gawd damn FUX News.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, let's damn FOX News. You must remember Comrade, if it weren't for FOX News, CNN, NBC, PBS, ABC, CBS and The New York Slimes would have NEVER brought this story to light.

So, I apologize for your rampant stupidity. You must serve as Rev. Wright's Associate Pastor

Anonymous said...

And you must host a morning show on KSGF.

Anonymous said...

Not hardly, Slick.

We could continue to play "Pin the tail on the Donkey", but I see you're already wearing your tail.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon was Steppenwolf who sang it but it was Hoyt Axton who wrote it.