Thursday, April 03, 2008


Climbing over a chain-link fence, he didn't take into account the added weight of a dozen 40-ounce beers in his backpack. Straps on the pack get tangled around his neck. Lights out.

According to The Associated Press:
Police in Vancouver, Wash., say 51-year-old James Francis Henry had been drinking beer Tuesday night while walking with his girlfriend, 38-year-old Kelli Jo Barkley. They were returning to their homeless encampment from their roadside panhandling site.

Barkley says he fell while trying to scale a 6-foot chain link fence, got his neck caught in the chest strap of his backpack and said, "Help me! Help me!"

By the time she got a nearby resident to call 911 and emergency crews arrived, Henry was unconscious and could not be revived.
And you thought four 40s were killer.


Chris B. said...

If I never was proud of my Northwest heritage before, this makes me so happy to have been a resident of Vancouver/Portland at one point. said...

Thank you for the article, very worthwhile material.