Friday, May 23, 2008


Since last August, human feet have been washing ashore on British Columbia's Gulf Islands. Right feet, to be precise, and clad in sneakers.

It happened again on Thursday, in Richmond.

According to this story, it's a real stumper:
The first foot appeared last Aug. 20 on Jedediah Island, near Nanoose Bay.

A week later, a second foot was found on nearby Gabriola Island.

On Feb. 8, a third foot washed up on the eastern shore of Valdez Island, off the shore of Nanaimo, which is accessible only by floatplane or private boat.

All three were right feet and all were found in sneakers. The first two feet were found in size 12 men's sneakers.

The latest foot was found on the north side of uninhabited Kirkland Island, west of the George Massey Tunnel at the south end of No. 5 Road.
Someone has gotten off on the right foot.


The Ferber Family said...

haha! "a real stumper" haha! that's sooo wrong! which is, of course, why i'm laughing. i'm a sicko ;o)

Anonymous said...

Well, ain't that a kick?