Monday, November 03, 2008


Even the shouting is over, and for this we give thanks. The 527s focused a concentrated beatdown on Barack Obama in the final weekend before the election, but it all seemed forced, a rote throat ripping that did little more than nick the skin.

A couple weeks ago we said Obama would probably get 51 percent of the popular vote, and 338 electoral votes. Nothing has happened between now and then to change the perception.

There is always the chance that the expected Obama win will turn out to be the electoral version of Saddam's weapons of mass destruction -- all blow, no show. But "slim" would be a generous word to describe John McCain's chances of pulling off an upset. It could happen. It probably won't.

McCain supporters are especially fond of bringing up Dewey defeats Truman. Pollsters can indeed be wrong -- especially as they were in '48, when they stopped taking the public pulse a month before the election. No such luck this cycle.

Rational Republicans acted resigned on Monday (the irrational ones are fierce believers and can never be tugged from their convictions). A few voiced the expected fallback position -- economic doom if Obama is elected and taxes go up. It all sounded very familiar to late 1992 and early 1993, when Bill Clinton was a new Democratic president pushing for higher taxes for well-to-do Americans.

Back in those black-and-white days, not one Republican voted for Clinton's deficit-reduction bill. Not one. They said taxing the upper class would send this country into a depression. They were wrong then, a fact to consider when they try to tell us that the sky will soon fall.


tom said...

Clinton came into office in 93 and left in 2001 and yet every year the deficit grew according to his own budget analyzes department.

American Patriot said...

Jesus has won. The anointed one has fooled the American people. Rev. Jerry and Billy "the bomber" Ayres now have a friend in the White House. Is it okay if I use the word white?

You poor, poor pitiful fools.

Our tombstone has been carved. "Here lies the United States of America. Born 1776. Died 2008. A great country that offered freedom and opportunity. A country that millions fought and died for, but passed away from the realization that her people could vote for personal monetary gain from its own treasury."

Are we as Americans that greedy? I guess so. But let me leave you with the great words of Rev. Jerry:

"God bless America? No, no no. Goddamn America." Seems like we got our wish.

"God Bless Barack Obama? No, no no. Goddamn Barack Obama" There, how's that sound?

Anonymous said...

Screw you, sore loser.

As for you Mr. Davis, you were darn close. With North Carolina and our own Missouri still out, Obama wins 52 per cent of the popular vote and 349 electoral.

Might should'a been a political consultant. ;)

Anonymous said...

AmPat, to borrow a phrase from one of your heroes, "Love it or leave it."

You are being served a large helping of humility today. Too bad your digestive system won't ever recognize it.

But cheer up, old sot: You'll still have Rush Limbaugh and Fox News to get you through.

Complaint Department Manager said...

Am. Pat., don't let the door hit you on the ass on your way out.

American Patriot said...

Hey, I ain't leaving, Complaint Department Manager. I'll leave the door knob for you to enjoy.

52% of the American voters followed those in Washington State and voted for assisted suicide.

And anon 6:40, I would say you should go to California and pick a different partner, but they voted to ban gay marriage. Too bad, so sad.

Let the CHANGE begin. Well, I'm waiting.

And someone referred to me as an old sot. Sure you weren't thinking of Ted Kennedy?

Complaint Department Manager said...

The mind is a terrible thing to waste. am. pat.,you are a waste that is a terrible thing to mind. It would be nice to battle wits, I just like my opponents to be armed, too bad, so sad.

American Patriot said...

Waste? Yeah maybe so. Someday, I'll get recycled and come back as a liberal.

Anonymous said...

American Patriot, I am a new anonymous poster, but I'd like to speak directly to you, and those like you, from those of us who've waited eight years for responsible leadership:

Eat shit and die.

tom said...

responsible leadership ?? Can you please tell me what if anything this man has ever led ??
Oh and before you start a diatribe on Bush supporters or republican mind numb idiots, I am neither. Bush didn't get my vote either election nor did Gore or Kerry. I'm an equal opportunity offender I dislike both mainstream political parties equally since they both are destined to make the American public nothing more then lemmings going to slaughter.
I will reserve my opinion on Obama until he actually does something while occupying the White House, but looking at his voting record and how he votes party line much more so often then McCain I don't hold out to much hope that we are in for four more years of status quo politics.

American Patriot said...

Anon 1:07, why would I want to eat you?

Here's a question I'd like cleared up. During the Iowa Caucus, Obama made an address before supporters as he made his closing argument. He said, "The real gamble in this election is playing the same Washington game with the same Washington players and expecting a different result."

If that's so, why name a Washington hack as his Chief of Staff?

Why are their numerous Washington names being floated for Obama's Cabinet? Names like John Kerry, Tom Daschle, Howard Dead, Richard Clarke and Jesse Jackson, Jr?

To me, this sounds like the same Washington players, so why should we expect a different result?

Anonymous said...

Am Pat,
You're a traitor. It's usually that way. Timothy McVeigh thought he was a patriot, too.

Anonymous said...

ASSpat better hope Obama doesn't push the envelope as to aquisition and abuse of the powers President Bush and his VP have involved themselves in. Bush has set a precedent for all following Presidents to follow if they so choose. More Americans (read Republicans and some Democrats too) should've stood up to those abuses.

And by the way Asspat, you REALLY pissed this Veteran off when you suggested anyone voting for Obama was working in tandem with terrorists.

Anonymous said...

A message for AssPat, Tom and all of the other Whine & Cheezers who keep beating on the tired line about Obama: "But he's never been in charge of anything in his life."

In case you've missed the news, most recently Barack Obama was in charge of a campaign effort that kicked John McCain's ass.

On the other hand, we have George Dubya Bush, who, after a lackluster "career" of non-leadership in the Texas Air National Guard, failing miserably in the oil and gas business, failing as a baseball executive and offering only a lackluster performance as Texas Governor, managed to follow all of that with an eight-year record of non-leadership that is likely to go down as one of the worst Presidential runs in our nation's history.

tom said...

Unlike many others on this thread you won't find me singing the praises of "W" either. Obama promised changed however during the campaign he cast a vote of status quo on the bailout bill designed to take even more of "our" tax money and distribute amongst the campaign donation givers of the last century. The only change we as a nation will see is that we elected an individual who wasn't white or Caucasian, policy matter will remain the same across the board. Government will still continue to take from those who have to give or provide for those who have not. They will continue to subsidize industries which earn millions and try to tell me this is for the betterment of the nation.
I'm quite happy that you Obama supporter got your wish, I'm also quite happy that the republican party got its wish as well, which was one of the senior members of the party was able to finally run for President. Never mind that he wasn't the best candidate by a long shot but that is how things are done in the republican party. At least the democrats had enough common sense to keep Hillary sitting on the bench of mediocrity for at least 8 years.
As I posted elsewhere it is time that the national Symbol of this nation be changed from the Bald Eagle to either a hyena or turkey vulture feasting on a rotting carcass of a dead animal. The mentality of this nation has grown to the what can government do for me and thus I can stand proud that I didn't support either of the two socialist that were vying for the Presidency.
It is a shame that our next generation will inherit a country that has more people on the government system then those out working to provide for themselves.

American Patriot said...

If you noticed, all I did was ask a question, to which no one addressed. Instead, I was called everything but a child of God. Your hatred for Conservatives may explain why the Ku Klux Klan was formed by Democrats following the Civil War. Hate must in your DNA.

Incredible. And by the way, Anon 8:33, don't you dare call me a traitor; that's a great way to see how good your dental insurance is.

Anonymous said...

And you'll punch this person in the teeth how??? Via the internet???


shak el said...

AP forgets that the Democratic racists entered the Republican party as a part of Nixon's Souhern Strategy in 1968 which was a by-product of the 1964 Civil rights act.

Anonymous said...

Hey ASSpat, we notice that you did a lot more than "ask a question." On this thread alone, you said this: "You poor, poor pitiful fools". And this: "God Bless Barack Obama? No, no no. Goddamn Barack Obama." There, how's that sound"? And this: "52% of the American voters followed those in Washington State and voted for assisted suicide.
And anon 6:40, I would say you should go to California and pick a different partner, but they voted to ban gay marriage. Too bad, so sad." Then you whine in saying "all I did was ask a question"?? For your answer, I suggest you pick up any newspaper, or the next issue of Time or Newsweek. There has been much discussion and analysis on that question, you single minded, simple minded jackass.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, Ampat, what was the question? I'd have to agree with Anon 7:46. You've done more insulting and whining than questioning.

Anonymous said...

The only difference between Obama and McCain was, which one would take us to the finished line the quickest. Now we'll get to find out.

Anonymous said...


White Shadow.

Anonymous said...

Anon, Obama is well on his way, even before he takes office. All one needs do to is look at how Wall St. has done since the election.

On November 5, 2008 the Dow opened at 9,625. By November 21, 2008 it closed 2,073 points lower. The Nasdaq has shed 464 points.

For the Dow, that's 1,000 a week. We have 9 weeks before Obama becomes the 44th President. Where is this thing going?

Anonymous said...

The Silver lining is that the speculating class has lost the ability to get loans to drive up the cost of oil. Which is why oil is down a hundred bucks a barrell since July.

We should stop looking at Wallstreet speculators as an economic signal and more to the real economy of jobs, distribution and production of goods/services.

American Patriot said...

Spahnranch, Wall Street speculators aside, the real underlying problem is our debt, our banks and our auto industry.

Look at GM. Their average hourly UAW worker earns almost $80 an hour, while non-union Toyota workers earn about $40. These so-called "job banks" where UAW workers, who were laid-off, can refuse to relocate, do nothing and still earn 80% of their salary.

The US government must STOP these bailouts and look within to eliminate programs, eliminate departments, eliminate earmarks and slash spending.

There are experts in Russia that say by Spring 09, things will be much worse. They predict the US will no longer be the world's financial pillar and that we could see ourselves dissolve into six different sections. In other words, the US collapses and is no more.

Where Wall Street is concerned, companies like Citi and AIG should be ordered to re-pay their bailout monies because of mistrust; CEO junkets and spending billions to rename Shea Stadium to Citi Field.

Congress can't run the country. What makes people think they can run private enterprise. They should stop this nonsense and let the free markets sort this garbage out. After all, that's why we have bankruptcy courts.