Sunday, May 17, 2009


Spanish dictator Francisco Franco had one testicle.

Australia's reports:
It is believed his loss stemmed from a war injury in 1916 when Franco was wounded during battle at El Biutz, near Ceuta, which today is a Spanish enclave on the Moroccan Mediterranean coast.

On June 28-29, 1916, Franco, then a captain, led an attack in the region which was then a Spanish protectorate and was hit in his lower abdomen and seriously wounded.

The paper, citing several authors of Franco biographies, added that such an injury would have affected Franco's reproductive organs and made him sterile.
Some of us are not too young to get the joke.


Jason said...

Thanks for the SNL memory, Ron. :)

Busplunge said...

It is my impression that it all started with Mrs. Agnew's diary and Mamie Eisenhower.

but I could be wrong.

(Shoot the dog, see what I care)

Anonymous said...

The Spanish people long regarded Franco as being half nuts. Guess they were right.

JOE TODD said...

I wonder if he walked lopsided LOL

Anonymous said...

I was trying to contact Ron Davis personally, but I do not see an email or message link to do so....can anyone help me with how to do this?


Anonymous said...


I needed to talk with you about something, my email address is you please contact me when you get a chance? Thanks, Mike

American Patriot said...

Who gives a crap about a socialist with a single testicle? Tiller the Baby Killer got his today. Now that's a late term abortion.

Drop us a note and let us know if hell's hot enough.

Anonymous said...

AmPat, you really need to get out more.

Franco's "ideological focus was on Spanish nationalism, right wing and traditional values." [Hakim, Joy (1995). A History of Us: War, Peace and all that Jazz. New York: Oxford University Press. ISBN 0-19-509514-6]

In other words, he was like you, hardly a socialist. Fascist, maybe.

As for Dr. Tiler, do you honestly believe he deserved to be murdered by a religious, right-to-life zealot?

It must be so nice to live in a place where your completely-at-odds beliefs can co-exist.

American Patriot said...

Anon 4:52, I don't give a rat's ass about some one-testicled dead and molded socialist.

But, let me ask you a question as you lefty's seem to be at odds over murder. Would it be better if Tiller put a .357 slug into the brain of an 8 month old baby or let her grow up to be drown by a Kennedy?

It's funny as hell. You liberals are all in favor of killing an 8 month old kid, but yet you protest your asses off when it comes to giving some slimeball lethal injection.

You people are fucking wacko. Just look at what you elected.

Anonymous said...

Only two Chatter posts since April 28th? None since May 17th? Has this blog died?

Anonymous said...

This blog is as dead as Art Morris radio board....