Thursday, June 14, 2012


The Drug War hysteria continues. Remember crack cocaine and how every baby born to a crack addict would be a worthless throw-away to society? Or how anyone who used methamphetamines would be hopelessly, immediately addicted?

"Bath salts" is the new hype. In Pulaski County, Mo., this fella — Devon Michael Cardin, 20 — is charged with felony resisting arrest, and it's all because of evil, evil, bath salts. From a sheriff's office news release:

(The) subject who had failed to appear in court on a felony charge of receiving stolen property. Since he had failed to appear the warrant was a no bond allowed warrant. The additional officers were included because he had fled into the woods behind the home the first time the deputies attempted to serve the warrant. At approximately 7:33am on June 8, 2012, the deputies and Troopers confronted the suspect inside the home and the suspect immediately assaulted the officers. He was subdued with the aid of a Taser unit. The suspect appeared to be under the influence of a mind altering drug such as Bath Salts. During the fight one Trooper sustained a minor wound to his arm.
Cardin's being held on $50,000 bond. Surprised he didn't eat someone's face.

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