Wednesday, July 27, 2005


But not to prison -- at least not in Louisville, Ky., where Ruby Jewell resides. From WAVE:

A woman who admitted to setting a fire in her home because she was upset there was no beer pleaded guilty to arson, and several other charges Tuesday.

Police say Ruby Jewell was upset that her husband wouldn't buy her more beer last January, so she slapped him in the head, then set the couch on fire.

The couple's five children were sleeping nearby, but they were not hurt.

Because she pleaded guilty, Jewell will not have to go to jail if she completes a diversion program.

Don't you ever deny Ruby Jewell her beer.


Anonymous said...

Many cartoonists judge the quality of their work by the gauge of whether or not readers clip the cartoon and tack them to the bulletin board, fridge etc.

Today, I printed this "jewel" from Chatter to tack on my office door for my colleagues who need a good laugh.

Mucho funny!

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Anonymous said...

I think the best part was that she slapped him on the head first. This really makes the arson much more meaningful in my opinion.