Saturday, August 06, 2005


Overland Park, Kan., to be specific. We can see this happening in that hip little place.

From KMBC:

Last week, a woman was on the deck outside her home on West 123rd Street when she saw a man wearing a black bra and pants. The woman told police the man pulled down his pants to reveal black lace panties, then ran away.

Officials described the man as a heavyset, middle-aged man who weighs about 200 pounds.

A man with a similar description was spotted at West 124th and Kessler streets. He was wearing a black bra and black shorts. A woman told police the man cupped the bra with his hands, then dropped his shorts to reveal black underwear. The woman fled and called police.

The woman described the culprit as having "man breasts."

Officials said since the man hasn't specifically exposed himself, he could face a charge of disorderly conduct.

Breasts on a 200-pound man. No one should have to see such ugliness.

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