Monday, August 29, 2005


The Times-Picayune in New Orleans has been keeping a blog, but it's pretty sparse; reporters, after all, have other things to do right now.

But the paper's Monday night update contained a hint of the tragedy yet to be fully reported:
Police/Emergency scanner traffic was busy Monday afternoon with reports of trapped residents, some calling and pleading for help as heavy storm conditions still limited efforts to rescue them. There were reports of buildings collapsing with people still inside. And officers reported some people slipping into the water.
Other heartbreaks from New Orleans, culled from across the 'net:

•The Faubourg Marigny district flooded. It's adjacent to the French Quarter.

•The courthouse at Tulane and Broad had (or has) water up to its top steps.

•An apartment complex in Westbank has been leveled. It was occupied, according to early reports.

The French Quarter might have been saved from destruction, but that doesn't mean New Orleans was spared.

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