Tuesday, August 30, 2005


History may well record Hurricane Katrina as the storm that extinguished Fox News.

We haven't see any ratings on the Katrina coverage, but we have seen the running storm commentary at Free Republic, and it's enough to make a conservative scream.

Normally Fox-Friendly Freepers have turned on the cable network and its hurricane coverage, using words like "worthless" and "stupid" to describe the efforts of Shep Smith and Steve Harrigan. Especially galling was Smith's Monday afternoon assessment of the storm; from his drunken perch in the French Quarter, Smith said New Orleans had "dodged a bullet ... gotten lucky."

Eighty percent of the city is flooded. Some crazy luck, huh?

So where did Freepers turn for real news coverage?


As more than one Freeper noted, "They've been the best -- have to admit it."

Some people find it fashionable to say they hate the mainstream media. Right up until they need it.

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