Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Sometimes the (not-so) right wing utters stupidities that are so breathtaking, they demand a reply.

This is one of those sometimes.

Fourteen Marines were killed Wednesday by a roadside bomb, near Haditha.

Over at Free Republic, the conservatives were in full cry -- offering up prayers (they love to do that; the more pious, the better) and immediately insisting that liberals were happy about the deaths.

This proves several things about those conservatives:

•They're haters. Disagree with anything they claim and you are branded a monster -- the sort of person who would cheer at the news of 14 dead Marines.

•They're vile hypocrites, offering prayers in the name of Jesus, who would no doubt be disgusted by their warmongering, chest-beating attitudes.

•They're repressing something. The biggest gay bashers are often trying to cover up their own homosexuality. We suspect that the biggest screamers over at Free Republic are actually trying to cover up their own anti-war feelings. Or their homosexuality. Or both.


Anonymous said...

I got so angry the other day when I saw this woman drive past us with a bumper sticker that said, "Pray for our president." Pray for our president? Why? The bastard put thousands of good soldiers in harm's way for NO GOOD REASON. These are the same people who say those who dissent hate America and are monsters. Let's talk about who the REAL monsters are: ideologues who have very closed minds, i.e. our friends at the Free Republic.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for talking about "those conservatives" instead of ALL conservatives.

A call to prayer for a president doesn't necessarily suggest agreement with his actions. In fact, some would pray even more often for a leader who they think is doing a bad job.

As a mother, I pray for both of my children. But I pray more fervently when I think they're going the wrong way.

Anonymous said...


Your point is well taken, but this person also had a "W" sticker on her vehicle. I'm fairly certain she wasn't praying for him because she thought he was doing the wrong thing.

And to be clear, I concur with Ron and I don't feel all conservatives are out to demonize those who are from the center or the left.

Anonymous said...

can't we just pretend everything
is OK

Anonymous said...

"Can't we just pretend everything is OK."

I'd like to do that. And I would... if it weren't for this whole "MOM" thing I do. I can't pretend everything is OK when I realize that these kids of mine have to live on this planet a lot longer than I do.