Thursday, August 25, 2005


The congressman from southwest Missouri is one of five lawmakers tapped as "Waterboys" -- men who never met a lobbyist they didn't like.

Fired Up Missouri highlights this graf from Rolling Stone:
Blunt is the patriarch of a lobbying family: Blunt's wife is a lobbyist for the firm Altria, which donated $270,000 to Blunt-related committees. Meanwhile, Blunt's son lobbies for a number of companies with financial relationships to Blunt committees. [He is] the leading candidate to succeed Tom DeLay someday.
Also named to the list of suck-ups:

•Randy "Duke" Cunningham and Bill Thomas of California

•Mike Oxley of Ohio

•Billy Tauzin, a former lawmaker from Louisiana

Blunt and his ilk will dismiss Rolling Stone as sympathetic to the devil. They will ignore the ugly facts -- like Blunt's too-close ties to special interests, or Thomas' affair with a pharmaceutical lobbyist -- and criticize the messenger.

None of that noise will diminish the truth. Roy Blunt is a Waterboy.

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Fired Up is the biggest den of extremists on the net.