Tuesday, September 20, 2005


The death toll in Iraq has busted a new barrier. The U.S. military said Tuesday that four soldiers were killed in a pair of roadside bombings near Ramadi. The number of American soldiers killed in Iraq is now 1,903.

We know some right-wingers will claim that keeping watch on the toll is morbid and shows how much anti-war forces hate America. We ask those right-wingers: So, would you rather ignore the number and pretend there aren't dead soldiers?

The answer is probably yes -- or a soft-headed, mush-mouthed reply along the lines of, "Why doesn't the mainstream media report on the good news from Iraq?"

Want some "good" news? So far this year, "only" 2.12 American soldiers, on average, are dying every day in Iraq. Hey, it could be three or four.

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