Wednesday, September 28, 2005


The elevation of Roy Blunt (R-MO) to "temporary" majority leader seems to be going over well with the posters at Free Republic. The conservative site is the best place to find out what Republicans are really thinking.

Freepers didn't want Rep. David Dreier to get Tom DeLay's position. But Blunt is going down easy with posters on this thread. Writes one:
Roy is relatively clean as a whistle. There are a couple of stunts the local (and state) dems try to pull - so watch for 'em. Those of us in SW Missouri know what they are. If its any indication, he has won the district in like upper sixties, lower seventies for the past few years. We are very common sense, family values oriented folk (well, except for the university profs - but even the staff at msu are common sense people).
What -- a Freeper praising the staff at Missouri State University? Does that warm-and-fuzzy extend to the staff at public radio station KSMU?

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Anonymous said...

Faint praise indeed for academics .,... maybe he was thinking of the Lit Crit Department... obviously he has never read my blog... much to his discredit ...