Thursday, September 22, 2005


The source is The National Enquirer. Now that the salt shaker is before you, consider this: The Enquirer aggressively courts sources and often confirms facts months before traditional media outlets (think O.J., William Kennedy Smith, Robert Blake).

And for the conservatives out there who dismiss the tabloids as trash, remember: You believed them when they wrote about Clinton and Gennifer Flowers. We did, too.

The Enquirer's report, posted Wednesday, said Bush was caught downing a shot of alcohol at the ranch in Crawford.

Leaving aside the president's alleged boozing, can someone explain why he grinds his jaw when he speaks in public?

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Anonymous said...

Liberals won't believe a word Rush Limbaugh says...but the Enquirer? By the way, hate to break it to you, but Ted Kennedy has nver stopped drinking.