Monday, September 12, 2005


Marty Eddlemon died on Saturday. He was 78.

Anyone with ties to the Ozarks knows the name. Eddlemon was the sports columnist for the local newspaper until his retirement in 1993, and kept a presence in the section until being hospitalized earlier this year.

Steve Koehler -- another well-known writer -- remembers Eddlemon in a keeper of an obit. Here's how Koehler describes Eddlemon:
In the morning, he would sit at his desk in the middle of the sports department, an eraser-less pencil tucked behind an ear, coffee at his desk. He'd greet co-workers or guests to the office the same way. "Dandy Guy!" would bellow from his lips and through the newsroom.
Just from those words we could instantly recall the scene and the sounds. Marty Eddlemon was a dandy, all right.

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Anonymous said...

I wondered what happened to Marty's columns. He seemed to really like what he did. What a joy that must have been for him to be doing exactly what he wanted for so long and until he died. Most people can only wish they were in that situation. I'm really going to miss his updates on area athletes who have gone on to schools out of the area or to the pros.
Good job, Marty! And good life!