Thursday, September 08, 2005


... before he dicks you.

We've been waiting for a chance to use that line today, and along comes the opportunity -- courtesy of the veep himself, a man who seems to appreciate the joys of cussing.

Cheney traveled to the Gulf Coast to see the tragedy, mutter sympathetic words to shell-shocked locals, scare the occasional child. While in Mississippi, Cheney was talking with reporters when someone in the crowd of civilians yelled out -- once, twice:

Go f--k yourself, Mr. Cheney! Go f--k yourelf!"

Not quite "Go, John Glenn," but definitely delivered with enthusiasm.

A reporter asked Cheney if the comment was typical of what he was hearing from residents along the ruined coast. "First time," Cheney replied, his voice a little too hearty.

Back in "The Situation Room," Jack Cafferty, iconoclast of CNN, helpfully noted that Cheney is no stranger to the F-bomb, having dropped one last year on Sen. Patrick Leahy. "So how can it be his first time hearing it?" Cafferty asked.

"First time he heard it in this area," Wolf Blitzer replied.

Cafferty got it one last dig: "I'm sure it won't be the last."

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for making me squirt coffee out of my nose! Too funny...