Thursday, September 01, 2005


The news that New Orleans and the rest of the United States has been dreading -- the preliminary death toll from Hurricane Katrina.

The New Orleans Times-Picayune reports in its breaking news blog:
Federal Emergency Management Agency Director Mike Brown said that six teams will use the town of St. Gabriel as a staging area and will fan out from there to the metro New Orleans area to begin the tedious process of recovering and identifying bodies.

Despite assurances Wednesday from aides to Brown that early death toll numbers would be available, Brown said the data was not available, but instructed aides to provide numbers Friday.
The foot-dragging by federal officials can't go on for much longer. Brown says his agency was trying to "deal with these bodies with respect," but that's a flimsy strawman; no one's asking him to identify the dead -- just to tell us how many fellow Americans died this week.

Gov. Kathleen Blanco said up to 300,000 people in southeastern Louisiana may have tried to ride out the storm. We know where about 50,000 of those people are. The math is grim.

One more thing about Blanco: Like President Bush, she has been a terrific disappointment in the wake of this tragedy -- dithering, ducking, doing anything but leading. Which makes her Thursday pout against Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert that much more disgusting. Blanco was pissed because Hastert said it might not be sensible to rebuild the Big Easy. Blanco demanded an apology because Hastert "kick(ed) us when we're down."

Hastert was an oaf with his remarks. But Blanco has better things to do with her time -- like being the leader of a state that needs her.


Anonymous said...

Wow... the comment spam on blogger is out of control lately. I suggest getting your own domain and using wordpress.

Anonymous said...

So let's just say that instead of the natural disaster Hurricane Katrina, this was instead a terrorist attack on New Orleans, leveling the city, leaving it in utter ruin and chaos...

Is THIS the "Homeland Security" which has been billed to launch into immediate and direct action, ensuring American safety and security from the 'terrorist threat'?

Disheartening if that is the case as we have all seen infants, small children and the elderly left for days with no food, water or supplies to slowly and very visibly starve and dehydrate to death in the scorching Louisiana heat.

THIS is what we killed the Bill of Rights with the Patriot Act for?!?

If "Homeland Security" will sit around, offer a multitude of lovely press conferences and explain once again how they are working as hard and fast as they can while people continue to DIE, be terrorized by wandering gang members, fear being raped or watch their children slowly starve to death...what the hell do we have to look forward to if God forbid we ARE attacked by terrorists?

There are no real words to describe how truly awful this situation has become. Hurricane Katrina wandered in the Gulf for three days...and was even then predicted to hit New Orleans dead-on. Why then was there no immediate action when "Homeland Security," FEMA and other emergency agencies had a forewarning?

President Bush is set to visit New Orleans tomorrow (Friday 9/2) and CNN reports that he may actually get off his ass and wander amongst the people. Someone should caution him to be careful not to trip over a rotting corpse or two.

Bush has made terrific strides with his handling of the first destruction and demolition of a major American city...abandoning it's mostly poor, black and Democratic citizens to slowly die.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Yup- We could just call it genocide- oh, and they must be POOR also...geez- unreal- I am sorry about the spammers- they truly suck...anyways- come over to, I have been blogging away on Katrina issues also..this is a mess...and yes, thank god the press are losing it on these govt failures - they are the only ones filming the truth for these lying propaganda assholes...ooops..a bit of a rant---Cafferty and Arron Brown also have been pretty vocal..and I even saw Sheperd Smith lose it on Fox( please forgive me for watching fox- the cat sat on the controls)
keep bloggin'