Saturday, September 24, 2005


Good God. We've just seen our first full-body shot of MSNBC's Rita Cosby, sans bulky coat, and we may never be the same. We already thought she was annoying, but now we're certain. This woman is unattractive on all levels; her voice grates, her guffaws annoy and her ass is enormous.

Not that huge rear ends are necessarily bad. We are not big-ass bigots; we do not practice booty discrimination. All of God's children have butts, and even big ones are beautiful because they were made in God's image, right?

But Rita's ass, when coupled with her absurd voice and look-at-me attitude, cannot be loved. It may have its positives -- it could be a first-class ass -- but we will never be able to get past it to find any goodness.

On Friday night, Cosby was on "Hardball" and made nattering noises about the weather service loving her coverage of a previous storm and pledging to name a hurricane after her. She's to blame for Rita.

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